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When do we stop dreaming? By Deb Gillespie

I’m in California visiting with my daughter and her boyfriend this week. They are both 21 years old and are renting a little house together. They work hard to scrape up enough money to pay rent and their other expenses. I’ve been having conversations with her boyfriend’s mom around trying to convince them to take some college courses. The two of them do not have college degrees and are working for just over minimum wage. They are bright kids who were not ready for college right after high school but are starting to see what life is like without a degree.

Discussions have surfaced around thoughts of pursuing dreams versus studying something that you don’t actually have a passion in. Brandon loves to skateboard and he is actually very talented, but chances of making a living at it are slim. And Samantha is a gifted writer. Then again, should I try to persuade her to a career in something more stable such as teaching?

It is a tough thing to do to squash your kids’ dreams and persuade them against following their heart. There has to be another way.  I still don’t have the answers after all these years. I remember when my kids were little. They used to pretend that they were actors or super heroes. The sky was the limit back then. Now how am I supposed to tell them that this is no longer true for them, or is it?  Am I supposed to tell them that they should no longer follow their passions? Is isn’t true that where there is energy there is power? If the energy is alive and focused toward their passions, shouldn’t that be where they should be? Being the mom, I have a lot of influence over their decisions. I don’t want to be the one to squash their dreams. I always tell my kids that I am their biggest fan. This will always be true no matter what they end up doing in life.

By Deb Gillespie