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Tips To Save on Almost Anything By Sandra Beck, Motherhood Incorporated

By Sandra Beck, Motherhood Incorporated
Below are three categories where you can save money.
Investing- Get a 401(k) and you will save even more money if your employer matches your contributions in the company’s plan. Open a Roth IRA. Invest a certain amount at regular intervals when buying stocks and also know when to sell your stocks.
Food- Cook your meals when you can since eating out costs so much especially if you do so several times a week. It doesn’t mean that you can’t eat out, it just means you don’t eat out as often as you used to. You can also get a tour book for your city or eat cheaper, too. Coupons are great not just at the grocery store but at restaurants too. Visit www.retailmenot.com for coupons and codes before you dine out.
You can save money by going to the grocery store once a week instead of three or four times per week. You’ll save time, money and you’ll also be less like to make impulse purchases. Make a list for the week’s meals and ingredients you will need and stick to the list. You’ll get out of the store quicker that way.
Transportation- Buy a used car to save money. You can buy a car that has good gas mileage; you don’t have to buy a hybrid in order to do so. To find the best gas prices, visit www.gasbuddy.com
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