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Our H-Factor by Lisa Kamen of What is Your Happiness. Com

The words change, instability, insecurity, and unpredictability describe the low-res-1dynamic state of affairs in our world today.  Nothing is what it used to be or what we thought it would be.  As we look towards tomorrow, what world do we envision for ourselves?  We find that we are staring into a gray zone.  We are scrambling to find our footing on ground that seems to be crumbling beneath our feet.  We have conflicting emotions of hope and fear about what tomorrow will bring, but we have no idea what that day will look like.

In the face of this tremendous time of change, we find that within ourselves we are undergoing massive reconstruction as well.  As the world around us falls apart, it forces us to take a long, hard look inside.  What do we find within ourselves that can provide us with some sense of stability and the confidence to ride out these challenges?  What gives us the gumption to get out of bed each day and face the unknown difficulties that the day is sure to bring?  And when these hurdles are ongoing over the long term, when there are no easy answers and no easy way out, how do we find a way to persevere?

If we are to maintain our sanity during this era of great insecurity, we are forced to find something that provides some sort of security we can hold on to. All we can really hold onto is the moment we are experiencing. The present moment…this moment…now…is all that is certain. The past has passed. The future is a possibility. Yet, it is only in this moment we can determine our reality and behavior. It is human nature to reach for something that we believe we can control.  We reach for something within ourselves that no one else can take away.  We make a decision that no matter what life dishes up, we are going to be happy.  We discover our H-Factor.  We also have the revelation that our happiness has always been and will always be under our express control.  Happiness is, after all, a simple choice.  Happiness really doesn’t have much to do with external circumstances.  Happiness is an internal state of being.

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