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Book Review: Real Solutions for Busy Moms by Sandra Beck, Motherhood Incorporated

realsolutionsforbusymomsKathy Ireland’s latest offering Real Solutions for Busy Moms. It comes out next month.  The title really excited me – I am a busy mom who is always looking for solutions.  I was surprised because I expected by the title for Kathy to provide me with how to get everything done in less time.  This didn’t read like solutions, more than it read like instructions. I also really like her products – yes I own a few of her lamps – and from what I see of her on TV, this book just didn’t read like she sounds.

What this book should have been called is My Way to a Happy, Healthy Life by Kathy Ireland.   The book covers really-expansive topics such as living the life of your dreams, taking powerful control of your finances and even explores what is happiness, child rearing,  along with the role of faith in your life. Any one of these chapters could be its own book.

The book opens with dire statistics about overspending and the illusion of wealth. She then explores the reasons behind it and offers real solutions to issues facing many today, but it was a pretty heavy read for my overworked mommy mind – and a lot to think about in a finite period of time. Her money solution checklist is short but covers some pretty tough topics – establishing a trust fund or living will along with the right attitude about money. It’s a lot of ground to cover and it left me feeling a bit overwhelmed.

The second chapter explores happiness – again another huge topic to tackle in one chapter. In this chapter I felt more like the author was sharing with me, rather than the first chapter that was more instructional. Here again, a lot of ground covered and I was tickled to read to control your spending in the first chapter and ideas about home, decorating and beautiful bed linen spending in the second.

She continues to try to cover a lot of topics from healthy eating on the go to child vehicle and water safety.  There is a lot in this book. There are a lot of great ideas, but there is just so much other stuff that great ideas get lost.   At times it reads like a manual “Crash forces can cause internal organs to shift leading to significant injuries.” and maybe she should have quoted her ER  Doc Husband.  Other times it read like a mini Suze Orman or Susan Jeffer’s book.  I left reading this book with a feeling of “Phew!” that was a lot of information. I didn’t feel it held up as a reference manual, and it didn’t feel authentic at times. What I really enjoyed was Kathy’s stories and her experiences – not the dry instruction part that often sounded stilted and cold.

I found it an agressive attempt to give a lot of information in one sitting, but for busy mom’s on the go I have to give it a pass because it was a lot of good, but random information loosly hung on a short chapter list- long chapter page framework. I would have rather lots of short chapters that I could read in between feedings, picking up the kids, and on my lunch hour that I could reference back to as the situation applies.