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Realtors Blogging

By Shannon Penrod

Being a successful realtor means understanding and mastering the art of self promotion.  In the twenty first century self promotion has risen to new technological heights.  Now you simply must have a strong web presence or you will miss millions of dollars worth of business.  However, it is no longer enough to simply have a beautiful website (even a fresh interactive 2.0) now in order to compete you have to have a blog.

Yesterday Sandra Beck and I lead a Social Networking Seminar for Steve Shull and The Hundred Day Challenge on the NING Network.  Steve is a superlative real estate coach for Performance Coaching, he so passionately believes in the power of blogging and social networking in a successful realtor’s business that he asked us to make an appearance on behalf of Motherhood Incorporated.

What was interesting about the event to me was how defeatist some of the realtors were.  When we explained what a blog can do for your business, one woman said that she didn’t have the time and that is sounded like she would have to answer a lot more email.

We explained that Motherhood Incorporated offers services that can help streamline your blogging time, everything from setting up your blogs, uploading pictures, writing bios and meta tags, to help with naming your blog, writing your blog, tagging your blog and performing SEO on your blog.  We even offer a service that monitors comments for you and makes you aware when leads come in via the comment section.

What we discovered was that many of the Realtors were spending huge amounts of time on tasks that had no apparent cash value to them.  The realtor that didn’t want to do a blog because it required answering too much email was sending out a weekly newsletter and then answering questions on a one by one basis, answering the same question over and over again.  Talk about sucking the life out of your business!

The bottom line is that Realtors need to stay abreast of the technological advances, anyone who blogs properly can see the results fairly quickly.  If you want to move at the speed of current business, you need to blog properly, but you don’t need to spend a lot of time figuring it out and having a trial by fire.  There are services that are designed just for realtors so you can create a tremendous web presence for a small amount of a time and a small investment.  The great thing is that is frees you up to do the things that you do best, which is meet with clients and sell homes.