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Making The Transition: What are you going do?

If youre like me, you are trying to make the transition from a working mom to a work at home mom running my own business and let me tell you, its tough. Between work and home, I dont have much time to organize myself to make the transition quickly.  So I am taking baby steps towards my goal.


Lets take the first baby step by answering these questions. What are you going to do? What services or products do you want to offer? What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing that can also provide you with income? What can you offer your clients from the comfort of your home? Will your boss consider you working for him/her from home?  Start by thinking about these questions and write it down in a notebook.  Write everything in your notebook that has to do with your new business idea.  Remember to carry your notebook everywhere so that you can write down any ideas that might pop in your head during the day. 

So You Want To Start Your Own Company?

Congratulations! You want to work at home. The good news is that you can! I do! I own a company called www.motherhoodincorporated.com. You can start one like mine in your own neighborhood! I am not trying to sell you anything or get you to join information…I am simply providing the information I wish I had provided to me when I started my business. If I can help one mom stay at home with her kids I have done my job~!

Like millions of other woman across the world, I am sure you’ve come to the realization that right now home is where you either want to be or need to be. This blog is designed to get you working at home in a way that makes sense for you and your family.

It may have been a bumpy ride getting here. Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, you may have experienced a wild ride of people telling you that you need to get additional training or buy a bunch of expensive equipment; the real world equivalent of being told to find the wizard or steal the witch’s broom. But just like Dorothy, you really don’t need any of that to get home.

In the movie, Glenda the Good Witch finally breaks down and tells Dorothy the secret – It seems a little cruel that she doesn’t tell her in the beginning – what’s so “good” about sending someone on a wild goose chase? But eventually Glenda “The Not so good Witch” spills the beans. It turns out that all Dorothy ever needed to get home was the rubber slippers and she’d had them the whole time. The same is true for you. Can you guess what your rubber slippers are? You’re a busy mom, so we’re not going to send you on a treasure hunt through a forest and watch you be attacked by flying monkeys. I’ll just tell you. Your rubber slippers are your computer. That’s right; all you need to begin working at home is your trusty computer and an Internet connection.