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Why I love Sandra Lee and Semi-Home Made by Sandra Beck

I don’t know if you have watched her show. She has been on a long time but I have only recently discovered her. She has her own show and a line of cook books that I now own.  She makes dumping things together into a bowl and tossing it into the over for 20 minutes look elegant. Her ever changing kitchen designs and her coordinating outfits are fun to watch.  Moreover, her recipies I can do.

 Don’t get me wrong I can cook. I just don’t want to cook. I don’t have the time, nor the energy and after making dishes for 10 years for people who gag, clamp their lips shut at anything new or just slid off their chair at anything different, cooking has gotten to be…well, a little less fun. Cooking has made me one stressed out mom so now I avoid it. Or at least I did until I discovered Semi Home Made.

I love her definition of Semi-Home Made…a stress-free solution based formula that provides savvy shortcuts and affordable, timesaving tips for overextended do-it-yourself home makers.  The only problem I have is with the do-it-yourself home maker…really is there any other kind?  I don’t know of any mother who doesn’t have to do at least some of it herself – even my affluent friend moms have to strip a sheet in the middle of the night or throw together a last minute egg based meal.

Beyond that, I really do appreciate her ability to toss cans, bottles, jars and bags of stuff together and make it taste good.  These meals won’t win any nutrition awards but really, when you are dead on your feet and trying to feed hungry sqwaking kids – does it really matter? And its a lot better than McD’s or BK.

So check her out at www.semihomemade.com you will be glad you did…despite her goofy costumes!

by Sandra Beck