His First Cold by Jennifer France-Talvitie

Zander has his first cold. He’s made it this far, almost into his seventh month, and just now getting a cold. I think that’s a darn good track record!

What a trouper he is. After sneezing and having snot drip down his face he gives me a smile. Even after having his nose wiped the millionth time, he looks at me with love and happiness. That’s way better than I ever do when I’m sick!

It’s very nice, in times like these, to work from home. I can monitor him and have a first hand account of his wellbeing. Even though I’m still working, I can take the time to give him extra love and care when he’s not feeling so good. It’s nice. If I were away working somewhere I’d be rather useless. I’d be thinking of him and how he’s feeling the entire time. Now I don’t have to guess or call to check up on him. I’m so grateful.

Working as a virtual assistant is so nice for many reasons. But being here for him, watching him, taking care of him makes me feel able to care for him just the way I think he should be.

Hopefully he’ll be feeling much better soon. Poor guy, his bottom teeth are busting through, as well. I’m going go give him a big hug and kiss. I love that I can shut the laptop and go be with him. I’m a lucky mommy!