Don't we all work by Sandra Beck

by Sandra Beck

Recently I was at a school event when one of the mom’s asked me how my company was going ( I own when a mother I did not know asked me what I did.

When I told her I employ moms who want to work from home doing all sorts of administrative and management jobs, she asked if I had an office.  I said that I worked out of my home.

Oh, so you don’t really work, she said – like I was somehow not “working” as much as she did at a nationally based company.

I didn’t know what to say. I wanted to say I probably make more than you and have more time for my kids, but I put that cat down.

Don’t we all work? Some of my moms work only 2-3 hours a week for my company. Some moms work 20 hours a week. Some of my moms have a full time job in an office and moonlight for me? Some of my moms work for me only in the summer when they are not teaching.

I work full time in an office in my home where I pay half the mortgage on the house.  I know this mom was just being $^&#@,  but it made me think about the phrases we use today:
stay at home mom
working mom
work at home mom

We all work too many hours for too little pay. Period.

I think that the next time someone askes me if I work, I am going to answer her with, “yes, I do — too much!”