Child Proofing by Jennifer France-Talvitie

Here we go. My son is 9-months-old as of yesterday and is getting around with gusto. The majority of my daily thought is taken up with the safety of my home and what he will and will not be aloud to play with. What he can and can not get into. He has begun to get bored with his Einstein saucer and jumping swing. He wants to get around and he wants it now! Child proofing my home has begun.

I want gates. I want outlet covers. I want wall fasteners for bookcases, dressers, etc. I want a jigsaw ‘fence’ to keep him in. I want all our plants that hang to the floor trimmed and high up (actually my husband did that last night!). I want cupboard and drawer locks. I want so many things to keep him safe.

I have also started to child proof my son himself. I tell him “hot”, or “ouch” when appropriate. I make him aware of danger even though he might not totally understand.

I’ve also decided to make areas that he might find interesting ok for him to play in. For example, a lower kitchen cupboard has tupperware and toys in it. We have huge mirrors in our living room and dinning room that he loves to pull himself to and look at the ‘baby’ starring back at him. I make it safe for him to get to himself by moving lamps and chairs that aren’t safe for him to pull up on out of the way.

I have begun to shop. But I also know that no amount of child proofing takes the place of watching him with an eagle eye. Curiosity is a wonderful and natural process. The worry of a parent is a natural process, as well.

If anyone has any suggestions, I welcome them.

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